Lesehof Stagård - Riesling Steiner Hund BIO 2016

Kremstal - Dry -
White - Austria

Riesling from the picture book. Concentrated in the fruit, playful in the mouth, long on the palate. Pure apricot. A wine full of tension and pressure. Dense and elegant. Never intrusive, rather delicate and filigree.

Pairing: Goes well with fish, salmon and baked goods like cordon bleu, chicken and various poultry dishes. Storage potential until at least 2020.

Terroir: The south-facing steep vineyards with up to 50% slope are laid out in stone terraces. They have massive crystalline and conglomerate soils with partly sandy loess cover. An artificial irrigation system protects against drought damage. Above all, the variety Riesling is cultivated here.