Weingut Stift Göttweig - Riesling Further Ried Silberbichl 1 ÖTW Kremstal DAC Reserve 2016

Kremstal -
White - Austria

93 Points - Falstaff

Medium yellow-green, silver reflections. Fine yellow tropical fruit, hints of pineapple and passion fruit, hints of orange zest and blossom honey. Substantial, ripe white fruit nuances, mineral, subtle fruit sweetness, fine structure, subtle honeydew, sticks, good development potential.

Pairing: The Riesling Silberbichl is the ideal partner for traditional dishes like roast veal, roast chicken and domestic fish. But it also complements exotic dishes such as Chinese, Indian, Sushi, California cuisine and fusion.

Origin & Vinification: The Silberbichl is a broad terraced vineyard perched above the Danube river, and comprised of „old Danube” gravel and weathered rock covered with loess. This vineyard was documented as a site already in 1562. The name „Silber“ (silver) probably comes from “Glimmer” (mica-slate) - which can be found here in large pieces; „Bichl” is a variation of „Bühel”, or hill. This south eastern exposed site lies in the wine-growing area of Wachau. Riesling is planted here because it is ideally suited to the soil. The best selection of Riesling Silberbichl was hand-picked on 9th November 2016.

Alcohol: 13%

Acidity: 7,0 g

Residual sugar: 6,9 g

Serving temperature: 10 – 12 ° Celsius

Aging potential: Very delicate in the first three years following the harvest; can be stored for up to 20 years.