Weingut Jäger - Riesling Federspiel Ried Achleiten 2016

Wachau - Dry -
White - Austria

92 Points - Falstaff

Bright green-yellow, silver reflexes. Ripe yellow peach nuances, a touch of orange zest, smoky minerality, multi-faceted bouquet. Good complexity, subtle fruit sweetness, elegantly integrated acid bow, sticks well, balanced style, good development potential.

Soil type: The migmatite and amphibolite based sand found in this location warms easily and provides a wonderful soil for the vines. Over the centuries the earth was constantly washed down by rain, and carried up again by hand. The river-sand increased the mineral content of the earth and this special characteristic of the soil improves the wine and shows itself in the diverse array of aromas.

Wine production: The grapes are crushed and after being pressed left to ferment in steeltanks. After 3 months the wine is filtered and bottled at the beginning of Febuary.

Alcohol: 12.5%