Respiz-Hof Kölbl

Weinviertel - Austria

Respiz is the old name of Röschitz, as it was first mentioned in 1198. The fact that our winery carries this historical name, testifies to the deep connection of our family with the place. Our traditional winery has been based in Röschitz since 1660 and according to the winegrowing tradition of the village, has been successfully cultivating its vineyards ever since. With the children Johannes, Michael and Christina a generation grows up who are aware of the tradition from which they originate.

Our 14 hectare vineyards are located around Röschitz on the slopes of the Manhartsberg. On varnished granite massif and fertile sand sands flourish variety-typical as well as multi-faceted white and red wines. But not only the soil but also the continental climate decisively influences the quality of our wines. The grapes ripen very slowly in this climate and thus develop their intense fruit aroma - which makes our wines almost unmistakable.