Weingut Alexs - Alexander Schreiner

Neusiedlersee - Austria

Weingut Alexs - Alexander Schreiner

Obere Hauptstrasse 48
7122 Gols, Austria


The winery Alexs is located in Burgenland, not far from the shores of Lake Neusiedl. "It is probably one of the most diverse corners of the world to make wine," says winemaker Alexander Schreiner. Schreiner not only learned his trade in Austria, it also took him out into the world. In 2004, he lived and worked in South Africa for a few months. A formative time. Back again, he gradually became aware that the area around the village of Gols was his home, which he wanted to help shape.

And Schreiner has succeeded with increasing success for several years now. As is typical for the area around Lake Neusiedl, the vineyards of the Alexs Winery are widely scattered. In the north of Gols Schreiner grows wines that impress with their concentration, their structure and cool fruit. The south produces drops that inspire with minerality, density and depth. And in the south of Gols, on the eastern shore of Lake Neusiedl, the winemaker makes soft, juicy red wines.